TIK Piston Management Principal

Set a goal of managing continuously with an internationalization view to improve the service quality. Serve and satisfy customers and keep Zenith growing forever.




1985 Zenith establish with US100000 procured by stockholder with 10 employees, one production line.
1987 Specializing in the pistons of motorcycles. 600 square meters factory are built with 3 production lines.
1988 Start producing pistons of small engines and build additional 500 square meters factory. The melting automatically control system is started. 
1989 600 square meters handing factory with 5 production lines. Starts participate in the domestic spare parts show once a year.
1990 Precision instruments are implemented and participate in the international spare parts show. Production reward system is presented.       
1991 Casting standardization is assisted and guided by I.T.R.I. StartImplementing clean packing automated system. 
1992 8 Production lines are loaded. 
1993 Start computerizing management system and investing US500000 to establish Da Tong Auto Parts Corporation in Shanghai with HC as its brand.
1994 Use the NC machine and start the automatically production system.  
1995 Implementing CNC lathe and build a new 800 square meters factory. Meanwhile, International Standardization System (ISO) is guided in Taiwan. 
1996 ISO 9002 is approved in Taiwan. TIK starts providing liner kits service. Meanwhile, Shanghai Da Tong Corporation increases 3 production lines.  
1997 Start implementing Management Information System (MIS) in Taiwan. Meanwhile, ISO 9002 is applied for Shanghai Da Tong Corporation. 
1998 QS 9000 quality standard system is guided in Taiwan. On the other hand, ISO 9002 is approved in Shanghai Da Tong Corporation.  
1999 QS 9000 quality standard system is approved. (Certificated by BSI U.K) 
2000 Da Tong Corporation starts to be guided by TIK Taiwan and becoming qualified supplier for U.S Carrier Corporation. 
2001 Use new metallographic microscope and digital piston profile instrument. 
2002 ISO/TS 16949 is guided in Taiwan. At the same time, implementing new equipment for anti-crown melting and enhance crown hardness. 
2004 ISO/TS 16949 quality standard system is approved. Start developing forged piston for racing cars. 
2005 Piston Skirt printing equipment is used in both Taiwan and China factories. Start producing piston cylinder bore diameter with 180 mm. 
2006 Continually expanding Shanghai Da Tong Corporation. 
2007 Da Tong factory is expanded as 4 new factories with 2000 . New performance measurement system is loaded. Implement alfin ultrasonic inspection equipment.
2008 Whole new warehouse is developed with 2400  in Taiwan. Also, new equipment for casting is designed. Implement bronze bushing insert equipment.  
2009 Taiwan factory start designing and developing 200 mm pistons and bi-metal piston. Continually improves the MIS System. 
2010 Start implementing 4-spindle CNC lath for racing pistons. 
2011 Taiwan facility has the ability to produce 240 mm diameter piston.
2012 Taiwan facility implementing high accurate checking device. 
2013 Zenith pass BRAZIL INMETRO Certification and implementing high accurate production system to cooperate more worldwide clients. 
2014 Zenith start cooperating with ATV engines with 4032 forged piston. 
2017 ISO 9001:2015 Certified by BSI
2018 Start practicing IATF 16949 Certification
2019 IATF16949 Pass by Bureau Veritas