TIK Piston Taiwan - Zenith Troop Industrial was established 30 years ago by the founder Jonny Shieh and Benson Tsai. Throughout those continuous years, TIK admit itself as continuous improving service and product quality and spread over the world with its excellent piston kits for all types of vehicles. With the main brand TIK, Zenith Troop is dominated within more than 75 countries.

For being an expert piston manufacturer for more than 30 years, TIK have already developed more than 3000 kinds of pistons including full range of Japanese, European and American vehicles, trucks as well as agriculture engines. By having the well experienced of producing various pistons, our goods are qualified for the OES markets in the world.

By having committed to our clients, the ISO 9001 series as well as QS9000 was approved in 1995. For supplying our OEM clients in the USA and other countries, the ISO/TS 16949 has also been approved since the year of 2004. Recently, we got IATF 16949 certification approved to ensure our quality service. 

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Today, 30% of its production is working as O.E.M production and 70% of the production is focusing on A.M. market in the world. The aim of TIK is to provide O.E.M. quality piston to the aftermarket sector and satisfy our customers in the globe.

Zenith Troop believes that human element is the fundamental component for the firm. By working together with the full team, Zenith Troop has the ability to provide the excellent service and back up by the production group from the firm. By providing the range from Liner Kit to the single unit like pin, ring, and bushing, Zenith have the ability to supply customer the systems solution for engine optimization.

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